Pfizer is donating all of its profit from The Pfizer Store to charity.
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Who can access The Pfizer Store?

  • Anyone within the United States. This site is open to the public and all Pfizer merchandise is available for purchase to order and receive within the United States. Unfortunately, we are unable to fulfill orders or allow International consumers to purchase from this store.

  • If I need to purchase bulk items for an event or group, how should I proceed?

  • Customers will be unable to purchase more than 10 of any given item within the store. If you require more than 10 of any item, please reach out directly to to learn more about bulk buying opportunities.

  • Are there any limitations on use of The Pfizer Store merchandise?

  • The Pfizer Store merchandise cannot be purchased and resold.
  • The Pfizer Store is only accessible to the United States.

  • What is your return policy?

  • Please contact our Programs Account Support Advisors at (866) 224-7532 to advise them of your return request. A Programs Account Support Advisor will review return options with you. All claims must be made within thirty days of receipt of goods and must include a copy of the original invoice or packing slip. A shipping label is not supplied when a return is being processed, all shipping costs must be paid by the customer. Once the goods are returned and evaluated, the exchange or refund will begin processing. This can take 10 to 12 business days.
  • If you are not satisfied due to poor quality, please contact our Programs Account Support Advisors.

  • I’ve seen other Pfizer merchandise for sale on other sites – what is the difference?

  • This is the officially sanctioned, trademark approved merchandise. The Pfizer Store is the only Pfizer approved website to sell branded goods.

  • Is Pfizer profiting from the sale of merchandise?

  • Pfizer is not profiting from the sale of merchandise. We are donating all profits that Pfizer receives from the sale of merchandise to causes that support our value of equity.